(A)   Establishment of Municipal Court Technology Fund.
      (1)   There is hereby created and established a Municipal Court Technology Fund (the "Fund") pursuant to Tex. Code of Criminal Procedure Article 102.0172.
      (2)   The Fund may be maintained in an interest bearing account and may be maintained in the general revenue account.
   (B)   Establishment of amount of the fee and assessment and collection.
      (1)   The fee shall be in the amount of $4.
      (2)   The fee shall be assessed and collected from the defendant upon conviction for a misdemeanor offense in the Municipal Court as a cost of court. A defendant is considered convicted if:
         (a)   Judgment, sentence, or both are imposed on the person;
         (b)   The person is placed on deferred disposition; or
         (c)   The Court defers final disposition or imposition of the judgment and sentence.
      (3)   The fee shall be collected on convictions for offenses committed on or after this section is adopted.
      (4)   The Municipal Court Clerk is hereby authorized and required to collect the fee and to pay same to the Treasury of the city. All fees so collected and paid over to the Treasury of the city shall be segregated in the Fund.
   (C)   Designated use of the Fund and administration.
      (1)   The Fund shall be used only for the purpose of financing the purchase of or to maintain technological enhancements for the Municipal Court. Technological enhancements shall include any and all items described in Tex. Code of Criminal Procedure Article 102.0172(d).
      (2)   The Fund shall be administered by or under the direction of the City Council.
(Ord. 190416-C, passed 4-16-2019)