(A)   Authority granted. A permit from the city authorizes an applicant to undertake only certain activities irr accordance with this chapter and Tex. Loc. Gov't Code Ch. 284, and does not create a property right or grant authority to the applicant to impinge upon the rights of others who may already have an interest in the public right-of-way.
   (B)   Time of installation. A network provider shall begin the installation for which a permit is granted not later than six months after final approval and shall diligently pursue the installation to completion.
   (C)   Right to occupy. Once a network provider has collocated a network node or placed a node support pole pursuant to a permit, the provider shall be permitted to continue to maintain such collocation or such pole unless required to remove or relocate under the terms of this chapter or other applicable law.
   (D)   Interference with network nodes. City may refuse to issue a permit to any person to install any network node or other wireless facility if the city knows or has reason to know that such person's use of such network node of other wireless facility may in any way adversely affect or interfere with:
      (1)   The use and operation of an existing and operational network node for which the city has previously issued a permit; or
      (2)   With a Federal Communications Commission-authorized mobile telecommunication operation of the city in operation at the time the network is initially installed pursuant to a permit.
(Ord. 180515, passed 5-15-2018)