(A)   Payment of any amount owing to the city for utility service or charges, fines for any offense, application fees and any other amounts owing to the city may be made by credit card, subject to such routine procedures for verifying such transaction as may be determined by the city council or the city administrator from time to time.
   (B)   As permitted by Tex. Business and Commerce Code § 604A.0021, a surcharge in an amount equal to 3% of the amount of a payment by credit card shall be due and owing at the time of payment. Amounts paid by credit card shall be applied first to such surcharge and then to the principal or other balance due and owing to the city at the time of such payment. The amount of the surcharge shall be rounded down to the nearest one cent.
   (C)   The City Administrator shall adopt reasonable procedures to ensure that each payor is apprised of the surcharge in advance of a payment by credit card. A notice of surcharge to a payor in connection with a payment shall be sufficient for all subsequent payments by such payor. No person shall be required to use a credit card for any payment made to the city.
(Ord. 180206-A, passed 2-6-2018)