(A)   An animal's owner shall keep the animal in a clean, sanitary, and healthy condition.
   (B)   An animal's owner or handler shall provide for the animal:
      (1)   Regular and adequate amounts of nutritious food that is appropriate for the species and that maintains the animal in good health;
      (2)   A constant and adequate supply of clean, fresh, potable water that keeps the animal hydrated; and
      (3)   Care and medical treatment for injuries, parasites, and diseases that are sufficient to maintain the animal in good health and to minimize suffering.
   (C)   An animal's owner shall provide the animal with shelter that:
      (1)   Is large enough for the animal to enter, stand, turn around, and lie down in a natural manner;
      (2)   Keeps the animal dry;
      (3)   Provides the animal with natural or artificial shade from direct sunlight;
      (4)   Protects the animal from excessive heat and cold and other adverse weather conditions; and
      (5)   Is adequately ventilated.
   (D)   An animal's owner may not confine the animal to the extent that it is forced to stand, sit, or lie in its own excrement.
   (E)   An animal's owner shall regularly maintain the animal and its shelter to prevent odor or a health or sanitation problem.
   (F)   An animal's owner shall provide the animal with exercise space that is large enough to prevent injury and keep the animal in good condition.
   (G)   It is an affirmative defense to prosecution under this section that:
      (1)   The animal's treatment was as directed by a licensed veterinarian; or
      (2)   The owner's care is proper though the animal is not in good health for reasons not in the control of the owner, including but not limited to the animal's age, natural causes, disease, and injuries caused by a third-party who is not a resident of the owner's household, or accidental injuries caused by the owner.
(Ord. 150616-C, passed 6-16-2015)