(A)   Dogs must be kept under direct control at all times. Direct control can be through confinement, use of a handheld leash or lead, or competent voice control. The leash must be held by a person of age and ability to control the dog.
   (B)   In commercial areas, parks, conservation areas, greenspaces, with the exception of #1 Sunset Trail, #10 Sunset Trail, and the 35.268 acres known as the Villas of Sunset Valley Homestead (as shown the attached map), competent voice control is not considered to be sufficient for control. Dogs must remain on handheld leash or leads in these areas.
   (C)   Except as provided in division (C)(1), a person may not restrain a dog with a chain or tether unless the person is holding the chain or tether. The prohibition of this division (C) does not apply to a temporary restraint:
      (1)   During a lawful animal event, veterinary treatment, grooming, training, or law enforcement activity; or
      (2)   That is required to protect the safety or welfare of a person or the dog, if the dog's owner or handler remains with the dog throughout the period of restraint.
   (D)   A person restraining a dog with a chain or tether shall attach the chain or tether to a properly fitting collar or harness worn by the dog. A person may not wrap a chain or tether directly around a dog's neck. A chain or tether used to restrain a dog must, by design and placement, be unlikely to become entangled.
   (E)   A person may not restrain a dog in a manner that does not allow the dog to have access to necessary shelter and water. This does not apply to dogs restrained on restaurant patios or at outdoor venues with their owners present.
(Ord. 141217-C, passed 12-17-2014; Ord. 170718-C, passed 7-18-2017)