In order to protect the health and safety of animals during disasters such as wildfires and floods, all animals excluding fowl and animals kept at all times in cages/crates shall be registered.
   (A)   Within the city limits, the owner or custodian of any animal over the age of four months shall register them within 30 days after the animal is brought into the city or within 30 days after the animal reaches the age of four months;
   (B)   Upon registration of a cat or dog the owner or custodian must present proof of current vaccination against rabies or waiver signed by a licensed veterinarian;
   (C)   Upon registration of equine the owner or custodian must present proof of a negative Coggins Test or waiver from a licensed veterinarian no more than 12 months prior to registration of the animal;
   (D)   Registered dogs and cats will be issued a City of Sunset Valley tag displaying the animal's registration number and city's phone number; and
   (E)   The City Secretary shall enter in a register kept by him or her for that purpose the name and address of the owners or custodians of all registered animals, the description of the animals, the tag number issued for dogs and cats, and the date of its issuance.
(Ord. 810310, passed 3-10-1981; Ord. 870721, passed 7-21-1987; Ord. 141217-C, passed 12-17-2014; Ord. 150120-A, passed 1-20-2015)  Penalty, see § 94.99