(A)   By September 1, or as soon thereafter as practicable and after adoption of a budget for the succeeding fiscal year, the Council shall vote on the adoption of an ordinance setting a tax rate and shall notify the Assessor-Collector of the rate adopted. If the tax rate proposed to be adopted by the ordinance is not in excess of 3% of the calculated tax rate, then same may be adopted without another hearing.
   (B)   No property taxes may be imposed until a tax rate for the year has been adopted.
   (C)   The Council may not adopt an ordinance setting a tax rate in excess of the calculated tax rate by more than 3% until it has held a public bearing on the proposed income in accordance with Tex. Tax Code §§ 26.05 and 26.06 (1981).
(Ord. 820209, passed 2-9-1982)