(A)   The City Council may enforce the provisions in this subchapter via:
      (1)   Private reprimand; and/or
      (2)   Public reprimand;
      (3)   An agreement regarding steps to atone for past ethical conduct and prevent future ethical conduct; and/or
      (4)   Otherwise as provided by applicable law, including a request for prosecution of any offense provided by state or federal law.
   (B)   The City Secretary shall be the person responsible for receiving complaints, unless the complaints regarding violation of this subchapter concern the City Secretary, in which case the City Administrator shall receive the complaints.
   (C)   Complaints will be investigated by the City Attorney in consultation with the City Administrator, who will receive regular oral or written reports regarding progress. The City Attorney shall fully investigate complaints within two weeks, or, if further investigation is required, the City Attorney shall report to the City Council at the next Council meeting following the expiration of two weeks.
   (D)   The City Council shall make all final decisions regarding violations of this subchapter, except those that may be prosecuted pursuant to applicable state or federal law. The person accused of violating this subchapter shall have an opportunity to speak on his or her behalf at the meeting where the City Council considers the violation of this subchapter.
   (E)   Nothing in this subchapter shall be interpreted to circumvent, alter, restrict the mandates of state or federal law, or preclude action for removal of a member of a governing body of a general-law municipality under Tex. Loc. Gov't Code Ch. 21, Subch. B.
   (F)   Nothing in this subchapter shall be interpreted to replace or supersede any criminal sanctions prescribed by state or federal law.
(Ord. 120508, passed 5-8-2012)