A person engaged in solicitation shall not:
   (A)   Make unwanted physical contact with the person being solicited unless that person's permission is obtained;
   (B)   Misrepresent the purpose of the solicitation;
   (C)   Misrepresent the affiliation of those engaged in the solicitation;
   (D)   Continue efforts to solicit from an individual once that individual informs the solicitor that he or she does not wish to give anything to or to buy anything from that solicitor;
   (E)   Fail to obtain a registration pursuant to this chapter when required by the terms of this chapter to so register;
   (F)   Knowingly or willfully provide false or misleading information in any registration submitted pursuant to this chapter; or
   (G)   Solicit during any times, or at any places, or in any manner prohibited by this chapter.
(Ord. 110301-B, passed 3-1-2011)  Penalty, see § 111.99