(A)   The City Administrator will maintain a list of those residents who have posted no solicitation signs on their property in accordance with this chapter and/or state law and who have requested that their address be included on the list.  Owners or occupants of residences within the city may contact the City Administrator and request to be placed on the list. A request to be included on such list shall be valid for a one-year period.
   (B)   The City Administrator shall furnish the list described in division (A) of this section to every person or organization that is granted a registration pursuant to this chapter.  Such list will include addresses only of affected properties.
   (C)   No person shall solicit in person at a residence if the owner or occupant of such residence has posted a sign no larger than two square feet at the entrance of the driveway leading to the property, or conspicuously affixed on or near the front door of such property, a sign which reads "No Solicitors or Canvassers Allowed."
(Ord. 110301-B, passed 3-1-2011)