(A)   The City Attorney shall be appointive after a request for qualifications and appropriate selection by the City Council. The City Attorney shall be a competent attorney who shall have practiced law in the State of Texas for at least five years immediately preceding his or her appointment. The City Attorney shall be the legal advisor of the city, and he or she shall represent the city in all litigation and legal proceedings. He or she shall draft, approve, or file his or her written legal objections to every ordinance before it is acted upon by the Council, and he or she shall pass upon all documents, contracts, and legal instruments in which the city may have an interest.
   (B)   The City Attorney shall file a written request to perform work with the Mayor, and when not available, the City Administrator. The City Administrator shall inform the Mayor and the Council of work requested to be completed by the Attorney. The work must be approved prior to commencement and final billing.
(Ord. 200204, passed 2-4-2020)