Unless specifically defined, words or phrases used in this chapter shall be interpreted to give them the meaning they have in common usage and to give this chapter its most reasonable application. A term specifically defined in this section shall control over any inconsistent definition for the term provided elsewhere in this code. As used herein, the following shall mean:
   CAMP. The use of a public area for living accommodation purposes, including any of the following:
      (1)   Storing personal belongings;
      (2)   Making a camp fire;
      (3)   Using a tent or shelter or other structure of vehicle for a living accommodation;
      (4)   Carrying on cooking activities; or
      (5)   Digging or earth breaking activities.
   FIREARMS.  Any pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, bb gun, air gun, sling shot, assault weapon, spring gun or other weapon in which the propelling force is gun powder, a string or air.
   OPEN SPACE. All city-owned property or easements that are undeveloped with the exception of landscaped areas, trails and related amenities (benches, wayfinding, etc.). These areas are publicly accessible including areas designated Government, Utility, and Institutional (GUI), Greenspace/Preservation (G), Conservation (C), and Planned Unit Development (PUD) districts according to zoning regulations.
   PERSON.  Any natural person, corporation, company, association, joint stock association, firm, partnership or copartnership.
   PUBLIC AREA.  An outdoor area accessible to the public, including a street, highway, other right-of-way, park, parking lot, alleyway, pedestrian way and the common areas of a school, hospital, office building or business.
   PUBLIC PARK. All city-owned property, including easements, or property leased by the city designated for use as a park or playground and/or designated as Parkland (P) according to zoning regulations and recreational venues within areas leased by the city.
   SOLICITING.  The selling of goods or services by sample or by taking order for future delivery with or without accepting advance payment for the goods, or the seeking of any form of contributions.
   TRAIL. A path through a grassland or woodland area of city-owned property for the passage of people and animals.
   VEHICLE.  Any conveyance, including without limitation motor vehicles, trailers of all types, campers, motorized vehicles or vehicles propelled by other than muscular power.
   VENDING.  Selling or trading any item or service.
   WEAPON.  An instrument of offensive or defensive combat, or anything used, or designed to be used, in destroying, defeating or injuring another.
(Ord. 910716A, passed 7-16-1991; Ord. 170606-D, passed 6-6-2017; Ord. 190604, passed 6-4-2019)