(A)   The office of Municipal Engineer shall be appointive. The City Council shall, by majority vote, appoint a Municipal Engineer, who may be an employee, or may be a solo engineer or firm engaged to serve on a contractual basis. The term of office of the Municipal Engineer shall be a full fiscal year and until a successor shall have been duly appointed, except as follows: (i) If the Municipal Engineer is an employee of the city, the term of office will expire on the termination of employment with the city, whether voluntary or involuntary; and (ii) if the Municipal Engineer is engaged pursuant to an agreement for services, the term of office shall expire at the time that such agreement is terminated in accordance with the terms of such agreement. In the event that an appointee's term of office expires as a result of a termination of employment or termination of a contract for services, a successor appointee shall serve for a term comprised of the remainder of the fiscal year (subject to earlier termination as a result of a termination of employment or contract).
   (B)   The Municipal Engineer shall be licensed to practice civil engineering in the State of Texas. The Municipal Engineer shall generally advise the Council as requested or directed by the City Council, and as further directed by the Mayor or City Administrator outside a Council meeting, consistent with Council directives.
(Ord. 200204, passed 2-4-2020)