(A)   Each City Council member shall be appointed as the Liaison of a different standing committee.
   (B)   Committees shall be composed of at least five regular members who shall be residents of the city.
   (C)   Alternate members may be appointed who shall also be residents of the city.
   (D)   One honorary member may be appointed who has experience in a field relating to the standing committee and may or may not be a resident of the city. Honorary members are not voting members and do not count toward a quorum.
   (E)   The committee shall select a chairperson and a vice-chairperson from the regular members of the committee.
   (F)   The committee shall select a secretary who is responsible for preparing the minutes of each committee meeting. The secretary may be the city staff member assigned to the committee.
(Ord. 070619-B, passed 6-19-2007; Ord. 100706-B, passed 7-6-2010; Ord. 110419-A, passed 4-19-2011; Ord. 141217-B, passed 12-17-2014; Ord. 170110-A, passed 1-10-2017; Ord. 200204, passed 2-4-2020)