When an appointment is required under § 30.32, the following process shall be used to make any appointment.
   (A)   The City Council shall provide a written notice to all residential addresses within the city that it is accepting nominations or statements of interest for the vacant position as soon as practicable after the position has become vacant. Notice shall be deemed completed on the date notice is deposited in the mail to each residential address in the city as disclosed in records maintained or reasonably relied upon by the city for the purpose.
   (B)   Nominations or statements of interest will be received by the City Council up to the date that is 14 days after the date public notice is completed. All nominations or statements of interest must be in writing and delivered to City Hall during the nomination period.
   (C)   A public meeting of the City Council shall be held during which each prospective candidate shall have the opportunity to provide information to Council and the citizens of the reason(s) why he or she would like to serve on Council and to answer questions posed by Council and any interested citizens. A prospective candidate may choose to provide information to Council and the citizens orally or in writing, or both. This meeting shall be held no later than the first available meeting after the nomination period and may be held during a regular scheduled or a called meeting of Council.
   (D)   After the public meeting has been held, the City Council shall appoint a person from among the prospective candidate(s) to fill the vacancy. If permitted by law, the City Council may appoint a prospective candidate at the same meeting as the public meeting; provided that, each prospective candidate has first had the opportunity at that meeting to provide and inform Council and citizens of the reason(s) why the prospective candidate would like to serve on Council.
   (E)   In the event that the procedure provided in this section results in no prospective candidate applying who meets the minimum qualifications set by law, the City Council may appoint any qualified person to fill a vacancy.
   (F)   If permitted by applicable law, vacancies in more than one City Council position may be filled concurrently by appointment pursuant to the procedures provided in this section.
   (G)   The vote to fill a vacancy pursuant to this subchapter, including the requirement of a quorum and participation of the Mayor or, if applicable, the Mayor Pro Tem, shall be governed by the law applicable to a vote of the governing body to enact an ordinance.
(Ord. 080318, passed 3-18-2008)