§ 111.01  DEFINITIONS.
   The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
   RESIDENCE and RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY.  Refers to a separate living unit occupied for residential purposes by one or more persons.
   SOLICIT and SOLICITATION.  Refers to any one or more of the following activities occurring in person (excluding communications: (i) by telephone or other remote electronic means; (ii) delivered by private or U.S. mail service; or (iii) printed or recorded material distributed to property and not to persons) on public or private property neither owned nor leased by the one soliciting, nor conducted with the permission of the owner, lessee, or resident of the property:
      (1)   To offer for sale or to obtain orders for the purchase of goods or services for money or other consideration;
      (2)   To obtain gifts or contributions of money, clothing, or any other valuable thing for the support or benefit of any charitable, religious, or political nonprofit association, organization, corporation, or project;
      (3)   To poll, canvass, or engage in any other communications in connection with any political, religious, or charitable, endeavor, that does not include any verbal or written request for contributions of money or other property;
      (4)   To request or obtain signatures on any petition, communication, or statement of support for any purpose, where no verbal or written request for contribution of money or other property is made; or
      (5)   To request money or property for personal use, which request neither is nor is proposed to be: (i) a commercial exchange for mutual consideration; or (ii) a contribution for the benefit of any third party charitable or non-profit purpose (included in this definition shall be conduct commonly referred to as panhandling).
(Ord. 110301-B, passed 3-1-2011)