§ 95.12  APPEAL.
   (A)   If the City Administrator or his/her designee refuses to issue a permit or revokes a permit, he or she shall notify the applicant or holder in writing by hand delivery to the applicant or holder at the city's administrative offices or by both certified mail, return receipt requested and by regular U.S. Mail to the address where the alarm is located as disclosed in the latest application. The applicant or holder may appeal the decision by filing a notice of appeal with the Mayor, setting forth the reasons for appeal.  Notice of an appeal must be received not later than 15 calendar days after the date the notice of denial or revocation is hand delivered or deposited in the mail in the manner provided in this division (A). The timely receipt of the notice of appeal will stay a revocation of a permit. If the notice of appeal is not timely, a revocation or denial of an application is final.
   (B)   The Mayor will designate one or more hearing officer(s), which may be the full City Council, to hear the appeal.  A hearing shall reasonably expeditiously be held.  Notice of the time and place for the hearing shall be forwarded to the applicant/holder in the manner provided in division (A) of this section.  At the hearing, the formal rules of evidence do not apply. The hearing officer(s) shall make his/her/their decision on the basis of a preponderance of the evidence presented. The hearing officer(s) shall render a decision within 30 days after the date of the hearing. The hearing officer(s) may affirm, reverse, or modify the action of the City Administrator. The decision of the hearing officer(s) is final.
(Ord. 960220, passed 2-20-1996; Ord. 150303-B, passed 3-3-2015)