§ 95.02  EXEMPTIONS.
   The following types of alarm systems are exempted from the regulations of this chapter:
   (A)   An alarm system installed on a motor vehicle, unless the vehicle is permanently located at a site;
   (B)   An alarm system designed to alert only the inhabitants of the premises which does not have a local alarm;
   (C)   An alarm system installed upon the premises occupied by the United States Government, or the state government when they occupy property owned by the state;
   (D)   Any alarm system designed solely to detect or give notice of fire or smoke, or air quality; and
   (E)   Any communication device not designed solely for alarm notification, except to the extent that one of its functions is to emit, transmit, or relay a signal intended to summon, or that would reasonably be expected to summon, by direct or indirect means, the aid of the police services of the city.
(Ord. 960220, passed 2-20-1996; Ord. 150303-B, passed 3-3-2015)