(A)   A person may not keep an animal in a motor vehicle or other enclosed space in which the animal's health or life is endangered by high temperature, low temperature or inadequate ventilation.
      (1)    A peace officer may, after attempting to locate the animal's owner, remove the animal from a vehicle or enclosed space using any reasonable means, including breaking a window or lock. If professional services are required to remove the animal, the owner is responsible for the cost.
      (2)   Neither a peace officer who removes an animal from a vehicle or enclosed space in accordance with this section, nor his/her employing agency shall be liable for any resulting property damage.
   (B)   A person may not transport an animal in a motor vehicle on a public roadway unless:
      (1)   The animal is safely enclosed within the vehicle and outside of the driver’s operating area;  or
      (2)   If the animal is transported in an unenclosed vehicle, including a convertible, pickup truck, flatbed truck, or motorcycle, the animal shall be confined in a secure and appropriately sized vented container or confined in a manner that prevents the animal from falling or jumping from the vehicle or otherwise being injured.
(Ord. 080708, passed 7-8-2008; Ord. 141217-C, passed 12-17-2014)  Penalty, see § 94.99