For the purposes of this chapter the following terms and words shall have the meanings indicated:
   ANIMAL. A nonhuman live vertebrate creature, wild or domestic.
   AT LARGE. Animals loose outside of their owner's property with no human supervision.
   COMMERCIAL AREAS. An area within the city whose primary purpose is for commercial purposes such as shopping, offices, or restaurants. This would include all areas in the Highway Commercial or Neighborhood Commercial Zoning Districts and adjacent public sidewalks.
   COMPETENT VOICE CONTROL. In order to establish competent voice control all of the following criteria must be met:
      (1)   The person exhibiting voice control has the dog under verbal control and within sight at all times regardless of distractions (such as wildlife, traffic, other animals, food, other people or noise);
      (2)   The dog under voice control does not bark at, jump on, act aggressively toward, or advance on people or other domestic animals; and
      (3)   The dog under voice control will consistently come to its handler immediately upon command.
   CONSERVATION AREAS. An area within the city that is in the Conservation Zoning District.
   EDIBLE MATTER. As pertains to this chapter any wheat, pelleted livestock food, corn in any form, fruit, vegetables, hay, alfalfa, human food scraps, any form of commercially sold wildlife feed, birdseed or livestock feed, or any other edible matter. The term shall not include:
      (1)   Any live or dead vegetation, including ornamental landscaping, flowers and a vegetable garden;
      (2)   Any wild or native vegetation growing or appearing without the intervention of human effort; or
      (3)   Any vegetation used for composting; provided that, composting vegetation is enclosed in a container or fence reasonably sufficient in keeping wild animals out.
   GREENSPACE. An area within the city that is within the Greenspace/Preservation Zoning District
   OWNER. Any person who has, harbors, or keeps an animal on or about its premises. An animal shall be deemed to be harbored if it is fed or sheltered for three or more consecutive days.
   PARKS. An area within the city that is within the Parkland Zoning District.
(Ord. 141217-C, passed 12-17-2014)