In the event any of the work mentioned § 93.50 is done by the city as mentioned in §§ 93.51 and 93.52, the Mayor shall cause a statement of the expense incurred in doing the work to be made put and certified to by him or her and filed with the County Clerk, stating the description of the property upon which the work was done, the character of work done and the name of the owners of the property, whereupon the city shall have a privileged lien upon the land or premises upon which the work was done for the amount of the expenditure, second only to liens for lawful ad valorem taxes and liens for street improvements, together with interest on the amounts at the rate of 10% per annum. For any expenditures and interest, suit may be instituted and a personal judgment obtained against the owner of the property and recovery and foreclosure had in the name of the city against the owner of the property in any court having jurisdiction, and the statement of the expenditures so made and filed, or a certified copy thereof, shall be prime facie proof of the amount expended in any work or improvement.
(Ord. 76-8-10A, passed 8-10-1976)