(A)   All commercial establishments and institutions which generate solid waste shall obtain and use adequate containers for storage and removal of solid waste. The containers shall not be visible from adjacent public or private property, except that street and/or parking lot vendors shall provide adequate containers for disposal of solid waste which may be visible from adjacent property. Containers provided by the vendors shall be maintained on a daily basis and will be near enough to the vendor to be easily visible to his or her customers for their use and shall be easily accessible to the vendor for her or his use.
   (B)   Solid waste containers which contain garbage shall be kept covered at all times. Solid waste containers which contain rubbish shall be constructed to prevent the rubbish from becoming airborne.
   (C)   Any solid waste container which leaks or fails to prevent spillage of solid waste stored therein shall be repaired or replaced promptly by the owner, tenant, agent or occupant of the property served by the container upon receipt of written notice of the non-conformance from the city. Failure to do so within five days after receipt of the notification shall constitute a violation of this section.
(Ord. 980915, passed 9-15-1998)  Penalty, see § 93.99