§ 30.03  AGENDA.
   (A)   Who may place items on agenda. Any member of Council or the Mayor may place any item on the agenda of any specific meeting for discussion and or action. No part of this subchapter shall be interpreted in such a manner that allows any person to prevent, restrict or inhibit a member of Council or the Mayor from placing any item on the agenda. Any item submitted for the agenda by a Council Member or the Mayor must be preserved in its original form and may not be edited, censored or altered in any way without the express permission of the submitting party.
   (B)   Items to submitted to City Secretary. All reports, communications, ordinances, resolutions, contract documents, or other supporting documentation regarding the requested agenda item to be submitted to the Council shall be delivered to the City Secretary, if at all physically possible, at least 11 calendar days preceding each regular Council meeting whereupon the City Secretary shall prepare a list of the matters submitted for consideration. Committee or informative reports not requiring City Council action may be submitted by City Council Members for inclusion on the agenda prior to the posting of the agenda. The Mayor shall determine the order and scheduling of matters to appear on the agenda for Council consideration at a regular meeting not later than 5:00 p.m. on the fifth calendar day before the regular meeting, with assistance, as needed, from the City Administrator.
   (C)   Submission prior to meeting. A party sponsoring or submitting a matter for Council consideration may agree to defer, either before or at the Council meeting, consideration of the matter in favor of any other matter. A copy of the agenda along with the appropriate supporting documentation shall be furnished to each Council Member and the Mayor prior to the Council meeting as far in advance of the meeting as time for preparation will permit. Each agenda will note the Council Member sponsor(s) of any matter for Council consideration, and will note the Council Member or Mayor who authorized inclusion of any matter presented or proposed by the City Administrator, a department head or the City Attorney. Meetings and postings of meetings will be made in accordance with state law.
   (D)   Submission of matters for agenda. The Mayor and any member of the Council may submit a matter for consideration or action by the Council. The City Attorney, the City Administrator or any department head (in coordination with the City Administrator) may submit a matter for consideration or action by the Council by first obtaining the authorization/sponsorship of a Council Member or the Mayor for inclusion of the matter on an agenda. The authority of a department head to submit a matter for Council consideration shall include only matters within the purview of the Department Head, and shall not include a grievance or matter affecting the department head's employment with the city, except as otherwise provided by the city's personnel policies.
   (E)   Rescheduled meeting. In the event that a regular meeting is rescheduled to a day other than the first or third Tuesday, all deadlines for submission of matters to be included on the agenda shall be adjusted accordingly.
   (F)   Vote deferred. In the event that the Mayor or Council Member who sponsored a matter is not present at the Council meeting during which such matter is taken up, the matter may be discussed but any vote on the matter shall be deferred unless the sponsoring member has agreed that the matter should proceed to a vote in their absence or if the members present deem it a matter of exigent circumstances. An example of an exigent circumstance would be one in which the city, a citizen, property or staff are in peril and immediate action is required to avert injury, loss or damage.
   (G)   Submissions to be in paper form and electronic form. All submission of matters to the city for consideration by the Council shall be made in electronic form if practicable. Electronic submission may be made in a standard format specified by the City Secretary.
(Ord. 080624-A, passed 6-24-2008; Ord. 090721, passed 7-21-2009; Ord. 100706, passed 7-6-2010; Ord. 160112, passed 1-12-2016)