§ 90.04  NOTICE.
   (A)   The city shall provide notice of abandonment and the taking into custody by the city of a motor vehicle, watercraft or outboard motor, in conformance with the provisions of Tex. Transportation Code Ch. 683 (the “Code”), as amended from time to time, to the last known registered owner of the item and each holder of a lien recorded pursuant to either Tex. Transportation Code Ch. 501 or Tex. Parks and Wildlife Code Ch. 31. The notice shall be sent by certified mail not later than ten days after the Police Department takes custody of the item, and shall:
      (1)   Specify the year, make, model and identification number of the item;
      (2)   The location of the facility where the item is held;
      (3)   Inform the owner and any recorded lien holder(s) of the right to claim the item not later than the twentieth day after the date of the notice upon payment of towing, preservation and storage charges; and
      (4)   State that failure of the owner or lien holder(s) to claim the item during the specified period constitutes a waiver/release by the person of all right, title and interest in the item and a consent to sale of the item at a public auction.
   (B)   In the event that either the identity of the last registered owner cannot be determined, the registration has no address for the owner or the identity and address of any lien holder(s) cannot be ascertained, notice by publication in one newspaper of general circulation in the county published in the time period and containing all the information required by division (A) above shall be sufficient notice to the person(s) to take all acts provided or allowed by this chapter. Notice by publication shall be in conformance with Tex. Transportation Code § 683.012, as amended from time to time.
(Ord. 990504, passed 5-4-1999)