If the Director or his or her designee have been refused access to a building, structure or property or any pretreatment facilities or other portion of the wastewater system discharging to the POTW and if the Director or his or her designee have demonstrated probable cause to believe that a violation of this chapter, a wastewater discharge permit or other order issued hereunder exists or that there is a need to inspect as part of the city’s routine inspection program designed to verify compliance with this chapter or any permit or order issued hereunder, or to protect the overall health, safety and welfare of the community, then, upon application by the Director or his or her designee, the Judge of the Municipal Court shall issue a search and/or seizure warrant describing therein the specific location subject to search and the property or items subject to seizure. The warrant shall be served at reasonable hours in the company of a uniformed police officer. In the event of an emergency affecting public health and safety, the inspection shall be made without the necessity of a warrant.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)