§ 51.152  RIGHT OF ENTRY.
   As a condition of the city providing wastewater service, directly or indirectly, to property, whether within or outside the corporate limits, and as a condition for issuance of every wastewater discharge permit under this chapter, any authorized officer or employee of the city may enter, inspect, sample, monitor or conduct enforcement activities with respect to any part of the sewer system servicing the premises, shall have a right to enter without delay to, upon or through any premises to gain access to a source of industrial waste or other prohibited waste or discharge, and without limitation, may inspect any pretreatment, sampling or monitoring equipment or method of pretreatment or monitoring or records pertinent thereto, required under this chapter, and/or the industrial waste order, ordinance, rules or regulations of any governmental entity with whom the city may have an interlocal agreement for the provision of wholesale wastewater and/or industrial waste services. This right of entry shall extend to public streets, easements and private property within which any portion of the sewer system servicing the premises may be located.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)