(A)   The Director is hereby authorized to revoke a wastewater discharge permit issued under this chapter for any one or more of the following reasons:
      (1)   Misrepresentation or failure to disclose all relevant facts in the wastewater discharge permit application;
      (2)   Violation of the provisions of this chapter, any pretreatment standard or requirement or the terms of any wastewater discharge permit issued hereunder;
      (3)   Failure to notify the Director of significant changes to the character or volumes of wastewater discharged prior to the changed discharge;
      (4)   Filing false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate self-monitoring reports;
      (5)   Tampering with monitoring equipment;
      (6)   Refusal to allow the Director or his or her authorized representative(s) access to the permitted premises or facilities or to records or reports appertaining thereto as required by this chapter;
      (7)   Failure to comply with applicable effluent limitations established under this chapter;
      (8)   Failure to pay applicable wastewater charges, surcharges for treatment and handling of abnormal wastes, or fines, penalties or other charges established under this chapter;
      (9)   Failure to comply with compliance orders or schedules established by the Director hereunder;
      (10)   Failure to complete a wastewater survey required by the Director hereunder;
      (11)   Failure to provide advance notice of the transfer of permitted facilities as required hereunder; and
      (12)   Failure to comply with applicable administrative rules or orders established by the Director to implement the purposes and intent of this chapter.
   (B)   The initiation of proceedings for revocation of a permit shall not prevent the Director from initiating other proceedings for civil and/or criminal enforcement of this chapter.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)