Any wastewater discharge permit issued under this chapter may include additional or more stringent conditions deemed by the Director to be necessary to:
   (A)   Prevent pass through or interference;
   (B)   Protect the water quality of the waters receiving the treatment plant effluent;
   (C)   Protect the health and safety of employees and the public;
   (D)   Facilitate proper sludge management and disposal;
   (E)   Protect against damage to the POTW or sanitary sewer;
   (F)   Provide for self-monitoring, reporting and record keeping by persons discharging wastewater containing industrial waste or other prohibited waste to the POTW;
   (G)   Provided for city access to permitted facilities to inspect, sample and conduct enforcement activities under this chapter;
   (H)   Minimize the expense of the wastewater treatment processes;
   (I)   Ensure compliance with the city’s permit and with applicable NPDES permits held by the City of Austin;
   (J)   Protect ambient air quality; and
   (K)   Otherwise to implement fully the purpose and intent of this chapter and all federal pretreatment standards and regulations.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)