For significant industrial users and other industrial users designated as such by the Director under the standards set forth in 40 C.F.R. § 403.3(4), as amended, a wastewater discharge permit issued under this chapter shall include, at a minimum, the following terms, conditions and limitations:
   (A)   A statement identifying the permittee, the premises from which the permitted discharge will be emitted and the nature, characteristics, conditions and limitations applicable to the permitted discharge;
   (B)   A statement describing the duration of the wastewater discharge permit which shall in no event exceed one year;
   (C)   A statement that the wastewater discharge permit is nontransferable without prior notification and approval of the Director and a requirement for furnishing the new owner, operator or manager of the permitted premises with a copy of the permit;
   (D)   Effluent limitations applicable to the permittee based on applicable standards set forth in federal and state law and this chapter;
   (E)   Pretreatment, self-monitoring, sampling, reporting, notification and record keeping requirements applicable to the applicant which shall include an identification of pollutants to be monitored, sampling locations, sampling frequency, and sample type based on federal, state and local law; and
   (F)   A statement of applicable civil, criminal, and administrative, penalties for violation of applicable pretreatment standards other requirements hereof and any applicable compliance schedule; provided that, the schedule may not extend the time for compliance beyond that required by applicable federal or slate law or this chapter.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)