All pretreatment facilities shall comply with the following general requirements.
   (A)   Permit required. No person shall commence a discharge of wastewater containing prohibited waste from a pretreatment facility to the POTW without first having secured a wastewater discharge permit from the Director in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Discharge to comply with permit. The discharge from a pretreatment facility shall comply at all times with the terms, conditions and limitations set forth in the wastewater discharge permit issued by the Director in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (C)   Approval of plans; pretreatment processes. Any person desiring to discharge wastewater containing prohibited waste to the POTW, and who is required by this chapter to pretreat the waste prior to such discharge thereof, shall submit to the Director for review and approval, prior to the discharge or the commencement of construction of pretreatment facilities or the utilization or modification of any pretreatment facility, method, process or technology, complete plans and specifications for the pretreatment system and a description of the proposed pretreatment method, process or technology to be utilized, including, without limitation, any products, chemicals, agents or devices to be utilized for pretreatment; provided, however, that, the approval of the plans and specifications by the Director shall not relieve a person of the continuing obligation to install, operate, maintain and, if necessary, modify the pretreatment system so that the discharge is in compliance at all times with the requirements of this chapter and other applicable law.
   (D)   Inspection and approval of pretreatment facilities. No person shall commence any discharge of wastewater to the POTW or sanitary sewer from or through a pretreatment facility unless and until the pretreatment facility has been inspected and approved by the Director.
   (E)   Testing of pretreatment facilities and products. The Director is authorized to require testing of pretreatment facilities, agents, products or devices prior to the utilization of same in the treatment process or prior to the commencement of any discharge to the POTW from or through the pretreatment facility.
   (F)   Installation requirements. Pretreatment facilities shall be of a design, size and construction approved by the Director and shall be installed and connected to the POTW in a manner approved by the Director.
   (G)   Additional pretreatment conditions authorized. In order to protect the POTW, the Director is hereby authorized to require any person discharging to the POTW or sanitary sewer to comply with any or all of the following conditions by inclusion of same in the wastewater discharge permit issued under this chapter.
      (1)   Wastestream controls. The Director may require any person discharging to the POTW to:
         (a)   Restrict or equalize the rate of flow of the discharge;
         (b)   Designate that certain wastewater be discharged only into specific sewers;
         (c)   Relocate and/or consolidate points of discharge;
         (d)   Separate domestic sewage wastestreams from industrial wastestreams; and
         (e)   Implement other and further wastestream control, flow control or other conditions and limitations on the wastestream as the Director shall deem reasonable and necessary to protect the POTW, determine the compliance of the person discharging with this chapter or other applicable law or otherwise implement the purposes and intent of this chapter.
      (2)   Flammable gas detection. The Director is authorized to require any person discharging wastewater with the potential to discharge flammable substances to install and maintain an approved combustible gas detection matter.
      (3)   Accidental discharge/slug control plans. Every person discharging wastewater containing industrial waste or other prohibited waste to the POTW shall provide protection from the accidental discharge of prohibited waste. Prior to the connection of water and/or wastewater service, the Director may require a person proposing to discharge wastewater to the POTW to develop and implement an accidental discharge/slug control plan. At least every two years, the Director shall evaluate whether each of the significant industrial users discharging wastewater from the POTW needs to prepare a plan. Each plan will include, at a minimum, the following:
         (a)   A description of discharge practices including non-routine batch discharges;
         (b)   A description of stored chemicals;
         (c)   Procedures for immediately notifying the POTW of any accidental or slug discharge in violation of any prohibition contained in this chapter, any wastewater discharge permit issued hereunder or any other pretreatment requirement or standard; and
         (d)   Procedures to prevent adverse impact from any accidental or slug discharge which may include, without limitation:
            1.   Inspection and maintenance of storage areas;
            2.   Handling and transfer of materials;
            3.   Loading and unloading operations;
            4.   Control of plant site run-off;
            5.   Worker training;
            6.   Construction of containment structures or equipment;
            7.   Measures for containing toxic organic pollutants;
            8.   Measures and equipment for emergency response;
            9.   Measures for detecting a spill; and
            10.   Other and further procedures or requirements as the Director shall deem necessary to protect the POTW from accidental discharges and/or slug loads.
   (H)   Mass limitations. The Director may impose mass limitations on pollutant discharges where, in the judgment of the Director, limitation of the mass of pollutants discharged is necessary for protection of the POTW or any portion of the sanitary sewer affected by the discharge and/or to prevent the dilution of pollutants to meet the pollutant concentration limits specified in this chapter.
   (I)   Dilution prohibited. Unless expressly authorized by an applicable pretreatment standard or requirement, no person shall increase the use of process water or in any other manner attempt to dilute a discharge as a partial or complete substitute for adequate treatment to achieve compliance with a discharge limitation or pretreatment standard specified in this chapter.
   (J)   Permit standards generally. The Director is hereby authorized to establish in wastewater discharge permits issued under this chapter more stringent pretreatment standards, requirements and conditions than those set forth in this chapter or in 40 C.F.R. part 403, where the Director determines that the standards, requirements or conditions are necessary to protect the POTW, any portion of the sanitary sewer, or to implement the general purposes and intent of this chapter.
   (K)   Use of enzymes, agents or devices. Use of enzymes, chemicals or other agents or devices for the purpose of causing oil, grease and/or solids to pass through the pretreatment facility is prohibited.
   (L)   Wastes and residues removed from pretreatment facilities. Storage, handling and transportation of wastes and residues removed from pretreatment facilities shall be performed in accordance with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to the type or class of waste removed from the pretreatment facility.
(Ord. 970318A, passed 3-18-1997)  Penalty, see § 51.999