A.   The purpose of this title is to help prevent and minimize unnecessary risk to the public health and welfare due to transmission pipelines. Recognizing it is impossible to eliminate risk entirely, this title is intended to:
      1.   Protect the environmental health of residents;
      2.   Minimize the likelihood of accidental damage to transmission pipelines due to external forces, such as construction activity and equipment;
      3.   Avoid water quality, drainage and erosion impacts, as well as damage to essential public facilities, from the siting, installation, and maintenance of transmission pipelines;
      4.   Help reduce adverse environmental impacts and damage to essential public facilities in the event of a pipeline failure; and
      5.   Ensure compliance with and supplement existing nonsafety related federal and state regulations pertaining to transmission pipeline corridor management, including regulations promulgated by the federal energy regulatory commission (FERC). (Ord. 825-A, 1-7-2015)