A.   Law Enforcement Officers; Appointed Inspectors Of Licenses; Powers And Duties:
      1.   In addition to the code enforcement officers designated by the county manager, all law enforcement officers of the county are appointed inspectors of licenses and, in addition to their several duties as law enforcement officers, are empowered and required in the performance of their duties to examine all places of business and persons who are required to see that such licenses are in fact valid and that they are posted in a conspicuous place within the place of business or displayed as required. Law enforcement officers shall have and exercise the power:
         a.   To enter free of charge, at any time, any place of business for which a license is required; to demand the exhibition of a current license by any person engaged or employed in the conduct of such business; and if such person shall then and there fail to exhibit such license, such person shall be liable for the penalties provided for violation of this section;
         b.   To make arrests for the violation of any provisions of this chapter.
      2.   It shall be the duty of the county law enforcement officers to cause complaints to be filed for all persons violating any of the provisions of this section.
   B.   Civil And/Or Criminal Action To Recover Fee: In all cases, where this chapter requires a license to be obtained and fixed the amount to be paid therefor, and where said amount shall not have been paid at the time or in the manner provided in this chapter, a civil and/or criminal action may be brought in the name of the county against the person failing to pay such license fee to recover the same, including any penalties, and/or to enjoin further business operation of such person. In any case where several amounts for licenses or permits required or fixed by any county ordinance shall remain due and unpaid by any person, such several amounts of license fees may be joined as separate causes of action in the same civil or criminal complaint. Each day a violation of this chapter continues shall constitute a separate offense, unless otherwise prohibited. The county attorney shall prepare, bring, and prosecute all civil and criminal actions contemplated by this section upon written request of the county manager.
   C.   Effect Of Conviction; Prosecution Not Barred: The conviction and punishment of any person for transacting business without a license shall not excuse or exempt such person from the payment of any license fees due or unpaid at the time of such conviction; and nothing in this chapter shall prevent a criminal prosecution for any violation of the provisions of this title.
   D.   Violations And Penalty: Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for each and every day or portion thereof, during which any violation of any of the provisions of this chapter is committed, continued, or permitted. Upon conviction of any such violation, such person shall be punishable as a class B misdemeanor except that in all cases where a corporation would be punishable as for a misdemeanor, and there is no other punishment prescribed by ordinance, such corporation is punishable by a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).
   E.   Enforcement Of Other County Ordinances: The grant or denial of a general business license shall in no way bind, waive, or alter the county's ability to enforce any other county ordinances where there is a violation of such. Estoppel shall not be a defense to such actions by the county when it is engaged in the process of enforcing compliance with its laws, regulations, ordinances, development codes and agreements in relation to the operation of any business within the county. This section specifically allows, but is not limited to, the county's enforcement of conditional use and other permit rules, regulations, and laws. (Ord. 806, 6-12-2013)