(a)   Request for Inspection/Permit. No person, firm or corporation shall advertise, solicit, or contract as a tree expert to improve the condition of forest, shade or ornamental trees by feeding, fertilizing, trimming, bracing, or other methods of improving or protecting public-owned trees without first obtaining a permit from the Summersville City Office. Other activities covered by this section include but are not limited to planting, spraying, pruning, removing, cutting above ground, cutting below ground or otherwise disturbing a public tree
      (1)    A Request for Inspection/Permit form can be obtained at the City Office in Summersville Municipal Building. The Summersville Forestry Council shall review the qualifications of the applicant and determine whether a permit will be issued.
      (2)    Applicants will be notified by the City within 60 days of submitting a Request for Inspection/Permit form. Said permit shall be a prerequisite to the performance of any work connected with the planting, removing, spraying, pruning and root pruning or any other acts necessary to obtain such work.
      (3)    Valid requests will be issued a permit detailing the specific tree work allowed, individuals/firms involved, completion time frame, debris removal, and any traffic/safety related requirements. He shall perform the work described above in a professional manner and, in addition, comply with the specifications (written and drawn) furnished by the Summersville Forestry Council. He shall further comply with the regulations governing work to be done as directed upon the permit to over such work.
      (4)    A party who fails to obtain such a permit violates this section and may be subject to a fine of not more than $100.00 per day. The imposition of this penalty shall not affect the liability of the person to fine and imprisonment as provided in Section 943.99.
      (5)    The City may suspend permit requirements as necessitated by storm damage or emergency situations.
      (6)    Any public utility company shall notify the Summersville Forestry Council of any routine line maintenance within 30 days of beginning any work
   (b)   License and Insurance.  
      (1)   No person or firm shall engage in the business or occupation of pruning, treating, or removing trees on municipally-owned or controlled land without first producing evidence of certification/license, Worker’s Compensation coverage, and a certificate of insurance showing coverage for general liability at the Summersville City Office.
      (2)   He shall obtain and maintain in full force and effect, covering the performance of the work covered by the permit issued under these regulations, comprehensive property damage and public liability insurance. Said policy of insurance is to have a general liability policy with a minimum of $300,000 for injury to any person or persons and property damages. A certificate of said insurance policy with a 30-day cancellation notification shall be placed on file with the Summersville City Office. Additionally they must provide Worker's Compensation insurance for all employees.
         (Passed 5-29-12.)