(a)   The Summersville Forestry Council shall assist in the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of this article, and for recommending new and modified rules and regulations governing the planting, maintenance, removal, fertilization, spraying, pruning, and bracing of the public trees, emergency procedures, stump removal, and the use of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides and sale/disposal of wood products on the streets or other public sites, and shall oversee the planting, maintenance and removal of trees growing now or hereafter planted in any public area of the City of Summersville.
   (b)   The Summersville Forestry Council shall:
      (1)    Supervise or inspect all work done under a permit issued in accordance with the terms of this article.
      (2)    Coordinate the formulation of a comprehensive tree plan in cooperation with Mayor and the Summersville City Council.
      (3)    Develop an Urban Tree Specifications and Standards of Practice manual by which all work shall conform. This document shall be updated and amended as needed.
      (4)    Investigate available grants, loans or contributions from other governmental agencies, public or private corporations or individuals.
         (Passed 5-29-12.)