(a)   City's Right to Plant, Maintain and Remove Trees on Public Property. The City shall have the right to plant, prune, maintain and remove trees, plants and shrubs within the public right-of-way of all streets, alleys, avenues, lanes, and public grounds, as may be necessary to insure public safety or to preserve or enhance the symmetry and beauty of such public grounds.
   (b)   Composition of Summersville Forestry Council. The Summersville Forestry Council shall be comprised of five voting persons appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council as follows:
      (1)   Tree steward;
      (2)   Member of the Summersville City Council;
      (3)   Residents of the City of Summersville.
   (c)   Summersville Forestry Council Term Of Office. The term of five voting persons to be appointed by the Mayor shall be three years, except that the term of two of the members appointed to the first Board shall be for only one year and the term of two members of the first Board shall be for two years. In the event that a vacancy shall occur during the term of any member, his or her successor shall be appointed for the unexpired portion of the term.
   (d)   Administrative Support for Summersville Forestry Council. The Mayor shall have the responsibility of providing administrative guidance in carrying out the activities of the Summersville Forestry Council.
   (e)   Summersville Forestry Council Compensation. Members of the Summersville Forestry Council shall serve without compensation.
   (f)   Summersville Forestry Council Meetings. The Summersville Forestry Council shall be responsible for meeting periodically at such times and planting, care and maintenance of all trees on publicly owned lands.
   (g)   Summersville Forestry Council Quorum. A majority of members shall constitute a quorum and any actions ofthe Summersville Forestry Council may be taken by a majority of the members present at the meeting.
   (h)   Summersville Forestry Council Required to Keep a Record of Meetings. The Summersville Forestry Council shall choose its own officers and keep a journal of its proceedings.
   (i)   Conflict of Interest on Summersville Forestry Council. A member who has a conflict of interest shall disqualify himself or herself and withdraw from participation in the matter. The member shall not sit with the Summersville Forestry Council during the consideration
and discussion of that matter.
   (j)   Removal from the Summersville Forestry Council. Faithful attendance at all Summersville Forestry Council meetings and conscientious performance of the duties required of the Summersville Forestry Council members shall be considered a prerequisite of continuing membership on the Summersville Forestry Council. The Mayor, with approval of the City Council can remove a member from the Summersville Forestry Council with just cause.
(Passed 5-29-12.)