No person shall have in his or her possession a loaded firearm or a firearm from the magazine of which all shells and cartridges have not been removed, in or on any vehicle or conveyance, or its attachments, within the City, except as may otherwise be provided by law or regulation.  Except as hereinafter provided, between five o’clock postmeridian of one day and seven o’clock antemeridian, eastern standard time of the following day, any unloaded firearm, being lawfully carried in accordance with the foregoing provisions, shall be so carried only when in a case or taken apart and securely wrapped.  During the period from the first day of July to the thirtieth day of September, inclusive, of each year, the foregoing requirements relative to carrying certain unloaded firearms shall be permissible only from eight-thirty o’clock postmeridian to five o’clock antemeridian, eastern standard time: provided, that the time periods for carrying unloaded and uncased firearms are extended for one hour after the postmeridian times and one hour before the antemeridian times established above if a hunter is preparing to or in the process of transporting or transferring the firearms to or from a hunting site, campsite, home or other place of abode. 
(WVaC 20-2-5)