"Authorized emergency vehicle" means vehicles of the Fire Department, duly chartered rescue squad, Police Department, ambulance service, hospital police department, state, county or municipal agency and such privately owned ambulances, tow trucks, wreckers, flag car services, vehicles providing road service to disabled vehicles, service vehicles of a public service corporation, postal service vehicles, snow removal equipment, Class A vehicles of firefighters, Class A vehicles of members of ambulance services, and Class A vehicles of members of duly chartered rescue squads, and all other emergency vehicles as are designated by the agency responsible for the operation and control of these persons or organizations.  Class A vehicles are as defined by West Virginia Code 17A-10-1.  Agency authorization and emergency equipment are defined in West Virginia Code 17C-15-26.  Agencies responsible for issuing authorization for emergency vehicle permits may promulgate such regulations that are necessary for the issuance of permits for emergency vehicles.
(WVaC 17C-1-6)