(a)   The final authority to close and abandon city streets and alleys or other pubic right-of-ways in the city street system lies with the Summersville City Council. The Council, pursuant to the authority granted it by the Charter and the Code of this state, reserves the right to permanently close, abandon or discontinue, for public use, any city street, city alley, city lane, city road or other city right-of-way presently owned by the City of Summersville.
   (b)   Any person seeking to permanently close, abandon and discontinue a city street, city alley, city road, city lane or other public right-of-way owned by the City of Summersville must submit in writing the following information as follows:
      (1)    A written petition to the Summersville Planning and Zoning Commission;
      (2)    A current certified appraisal of the area in question;
      (3)    A certified survey of the area in question showing adjoining property owners;
      (4)    A metes and bounds description of the property to be closed;
      (5)    A statement of reasons for closure which must include a benefit to the public;
      (6)    A statement of justification of closure, explaining reason for closure;
      (7)    A statement showing the area is part of the City of Summersville street system;
      (8)    A statement as to whether encroachments exist to the property to be closed;
      (9)    A filing fee of ($100.00) one hundred dollars to the City of Summersville;
      (10)    A completed application form with all applicable information completed;
   (c)    It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to pay the cost and fees for the review process of these documents. The Planning and Zoning Commission may choose to seek a legal opinion from the city attorney prior to passing judgement to approve or oppose any submittal package. If the Planning and Zoning Commission endorses the submittal package and gives recommendation and report to City Council, The Summersville City Council may consider and take final action to approve or oppose submittals endorsed by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 2-27-17.)