(a)   After the owner is given notice of the amount of the registration fee due, except for those owners that have properly perfected an appeal pursuant to Section 1121.09, and the owner fails to pay the amount due, said amount shall constitute a debt due and owing to the City and the City may commence a civil action to collect such unpaid debt.
   (b)   If an owner fails to pay the registration fee as assessed and the City begins the collection action to enforce its lien, then the Zoning Officer shall post the written notice on the property and send the written notice to the owner(s) by certified and registered mail.
   (c)   The City may take action to sell the subject property by means of forfeiture and the Court ordered enforcement process to collect the debt owed the City.  Should the City take the steps necessary to sell the subject property, the City shall do so, subject to all liens and real and personal property taxes that are due.  Purchasers of the subject property shall be similarly responsible for registration pursuant to this section in the same manner as to the prior owner and must begin the registration process anew if said property remains vacant.
(Passed 3-25-14)