The requirements of this section shall be applicable to each owner of any building that is found to be vacant pursuant to the language contained herein.  Each such owner shall cause to be filed a notarized registration statement, which shall include the street address and parcel number of each such vacant building, the names and addresses of all owners, as hereinafter described, and any other information deemed necessary by the Building Maintenance Board.  The registration fee(s) as required by this section shall be billed by the City and shall be paid by the last day of the month when the property has been registered.  For purposes of this section, the following shall also be applicable:
   (a)   If the owner is a corporation, the registration statement shall provide the names and residence addresses of all officers and directors of the corporation and shall be accompanied by a copy of the most recent annual franchise tax report filed with the Secretary of State.
   (b)   If an estate, the name and addresses of the executor of the estate;
   (c)   If a trust, the name and address of all trustees, grantors, and beneficiaries;
   (d)   If a partnership, the names and residence addresses of all partners with  an interest of ten percent or greater;    
   (e)   If any other form of unincorporated association, the names and residence addresses of all principals with a valid interest of ten percent or greater;
   (f)   If an individual person, the name and residence address of that individual person.
      (Passed 3-25-14)