1121.04   STANDARDS.
   All vacant structures shall comply with the following criteria:
   (a)   Exterior property areas are to be mowed regularly and non-cultivated gardens maintained at no more than 12 inches of growth.  All noxious weeds are prohibited.
   (b)   Structure is to be broom swept and cleared of all contents, not including building materials or components to be used in the future renovation at that structure.
   (c)   Electrical service shall be provided to the building via temporary pole service on the exterior of the structure or create a permanent service for the structure and install two GFCI protected receptacles.
   (d)   NEC and OSHA compliant lighting string (pig-tail temporary lights) is to be provided to the entire structure so it may be illuminated as needed to view the structre.
   (e)   Unstable interior and exterior surfaces and components are to be removed.  Unstable or unsound accessory buildings are to be razed or renovated.
   (f)   Using wood sheet goods, all loose, deteriorated and broken windows and doors are to be covered to eliminate the danger of their falling and to prevent the unwanted entry of trespassers.  Such wood sheet goods are to be cut and neatly fit, not just nailed over the opening. 
   (g)   All loose or deteriorated trim, gutter or overhang extensions (masonry or frame) are to be removed or reattached to prevent falling.
   (h)   Regular routine monitoring of the structure is to occur by the owner to ensure that the building is being kept in compliance with the above items.
   (i)   Utilities need to be connected to the structure.
      (Passed 3-25-14)