(A)   There shall be available as new local licenses for medical cannabis establishments a total of one license.
   (B)   The total new local licenses established by division (A) shall be allocated as follows, with a maximum number of local licenses limited within type of medical cannabis establishment as follows:
      (1)   Cultivation facility: 0 licenses;
      (2)   Cannabis testing facility: 0 licenses;
      (3)   Cannabis product manufacturing facility: 0 licenses; and
      (4)   Dispensary: 1 license.
   (C)   The Commissioners shall consider all qualified applications in the order they were received. No local licenses may be issued after the available new local licenses have been awarded by the Commissioners.
   (D)   Should any additional local licenses become available through revocation or otherwise, such license shall be made available to the first qualified applicant.
(Ord. Title XI, Sec. 119, passed 6-17-2021)