The municipality is exempt from bidding the following types of contracts:
   (A)   Purchase of utility services such as electric power, lights, water, or gas;
   (B)   Any contract for the purchase of supplies from the United States or its agencies or any contract issued by the General Services Administration;
   (C)   Equipment repair contracts;
   (D)   Purchases of surplus property from another state purchasing agency;
   (E)   Purchase of an item contained on the state price list, or from any vendor if less than or equal to the state price list, but must be exact same item;
   (F)   Any purchase of supplies or services, other than professional services, by purchasing agencies from any active contract that has been awarded by any government entity by competitive sealed bids or competitive sealed proposals or from any contract that was competitively solicited and awarded within the previous 12 months;
   (G)   Any amendment or change order to an existing contract for construction, reconstruction, or remodeling of a public improvement in accordance with SDCL § 5-18B-19;
   (H)   Auctions;
   (I)   If, after advertising for bids, no bids are received;
   (J)   Emergency purchases;
   (K)   Purchase of fuel; the municipality must obtain three competitive quotations in this instance which shall be placed on the minutes and retained on file by the governing body; and
   (L)   Purchases of real property having a particular use or benefit or purchases of supplies or services of a unique nature.
(Ord. 1.34A, passed 7-18-2014)
Statutory reference:
Related provisions, see SDCL §§ 5-18A-8, 5-18A-22(2), 5-18A-22(3), 5-18A-22(4), 5-18A-22(5), 5-18A-22(10), 5-18C-6, and 5-18C-8