§ 151.036  LAYOUT PLAN.
   (A)   General. Prior to submitting an application to the Planning Department for a preliminary plat, or a minor plat, the subdivider may optionally submit a layout plan to obtain written feedback from the Planning Department regarding:
      (1)   The appropriateness of the intended land use of the proposed development;
      (2)   The suitability of the location of the proposed subdivision;
      (3)   The most advantageous subdivision plan;
      (4)   The arrangement of proposed streets and lots;
      (5)   The availability of service from city sanitary sewer; and
      (6)   Compliance with the ordinances and regulations of the city.
   (B)   Application.
      (1)   The subdivider may submit a layout plan application to the Planning Department at any time. The layout plan application consists of an original and two paper copies of each of the following:
         (a)   A layout plan application form;
         (b)   A one-page written layout plan description of the proposed subdivision and the subdivider’s intent for the subdivision (including resubdivision);
         (c)   A scaled layout plan of the proposed subdivision (prepared on eight and one-half by 11-inch paper);
         (d)   An electronic copy of the layout plan in a file format approved by the Planning Official; and
         (e)   Any supplemental materials.
      (2)   The application form must be signed by the subdivider, the landowner(s) (if different than the subdivider), and (if applicable) the subdivider’s agent. The Planning Official shall provide a copy of the layout plan application to each Planning Commission member and relevant departments for review.
   (C)   Application review. Upon receipt of the application, the Planning Commission members and relevant departments shall independently review the layout plan application and provide feedback as per division (A) above. The intent of the review is not to approve or deny the layout plan application, but rather to provide the subdivider with sufficient guidance to enable the subdivider to prepare a preliminary plat or minor plat and necessary supplemental materials. The Planning Department may require the subdivider to provide additional information if such information is needed to fully review the layout plan and may continue the review of the application until the additional information is provided by the subdivider. The Planning Department shall provide written comments to the subdivider based on the feedback received from the Planning Commission members and relevant departments within 30 days of the receipt of the application, unless the subdivider agrees to an extension of this time limit.
(Ord. #115, passed 2-16-2017)