In accordance with 44 C.F.R. Ch. 1, § 59.2(b) of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulation, to qualify for the sale of federally subsidized flood insurance, a community must adopt floodplain management regulations that meet or exceed the minimum standards of 44 C.F.R. Ch. 1, § 60. “These regulations must include effective enforcement provisions.” In accordance with 44 C.F.R. Ch. 1, § 60.1(b) of the NFIP regulations, “these regulations must be legally-enforceable, applied uniformly throughout the community to all privately and publicly owned land within flood-prone (i.e., mudflow) or flood-related erosion areas, and the community must provide that the regulations take precedence over less restrictive conflicting local laws, ordinances, or codes.”
(Ord. 23, passed 8-19-2010)