§ 114.03  INSPECTION.
   (A)   Adult-oriented businesses and adult-oriented business employees shall permit officers or agents of the city to inspect, from time to time on an occasional basis, the portions of the adult-oriented business premises where patrons are permitted, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the specific regulations of this chapter, during those times when the adult-oriented business is occupied by patrons or is open for business.
   (B)   A licensee who intentionally refuses to permit such an inspection shall not constitute a misdemeanor, but shall constitute a violation of this chapter for purposes of license denial, suspension, and/or revocation.
   (C)   This chapter shall be narrowly construed by the city to authorize reasonable inspections of the licensed premises pursuant to this chapter, but not to authorize a harassing or excessive pattern of inspections.
(Ord. 25, passed 8-7-2008)