(A)   All ordinances shall be read twice by title with at least five days between each reading. The ordinances, if passed, shall be signed by the Mayor or acting Mayor or President of the Board of Commissioners, and filed with the Finance Officer.
   (B)   (1)   After being signed and filed, the ordinances must be published at least once in the official newspaper. The only exception to this is that an ordinance incorporating or adopting comprehensive regulations or a code promulgated, approved, and published by a recognized and established national organization prescribing building, electrical, plumbing, safety, fire, health, or milk regulations need not be published in newspaper. All that is required is that the Finance Officer publish the fact of adoption once a week for two successive weeks in the official newspaper.
      (2)   If any amendment presented and approved by the governing body at the second reading of an ordinance substantially alters the substance of the ordinance from the first reading, the proposed ordinance as amended may not be considered for final adoption until at least five days after a duly noticed public meeting of the governing body pursuant to SDCL Chapter 1-25.
      (3)   The vote on the second reading of all ordinances must be recorded and published.
   (C)   Amendments to a planning or zoning ordinance may be published without republishing the full ordinance if the section or subsection of the ordinance containing the change is published in its entirety.
   (D)   Resolutions differ from ordinances in that any resolution may be passed after only one reading. The resolution must be recorded at length either separately or in the minutes of the meeting. The votes for and against the resolution must also be published.
(Prior Code, § 30.096)
Statutory reference:
   Related provisions, see SDCL §§ 9-19-7, 9-19-7.1, 9-19-8, 9-19-9, and 11-4-8