(A)   A licensee licensed pursuant to SDCL § 35-4-2(3) or (5) may apply for an off-sale delivery license as provided by SDCL § 35-4-2(23) to deliver alcoholic beverages to a consumer within the boundaries of the municipality that issued the off-sale license. The alcoholic beverage for delivery shall be purchased in person and on-site at the licensee's off-sale premises. The minimum purchase of alcoholic beverages shall be $150.
   (B)   The delivery shall be made during hours of operation pursuant to SDCL § 35-4-81.2 by an employee of the licensee who is at least 21 years old. The employee shall obtain the signature of a person twenty-one years old or older before delivery of the shipment. The employee shall request that the person signing for the delivery display a valid age-bearing photo identification document issued by this state, another state, or the federal government verifying that the person is twenty-one years old or older. Documentation verifying the identification of the person signing for the delivery shall be retained by the licensee for one year.
(SDCL § 35-4-127)