(A)   The municipality shall have the power to collect and dispose of and regulate the manner of handling garbage and other waste material, to fix and collect charges for such services, and to contract with one or more persons or legal entities for the collection and hauling of garbage and other waste material within and from the municipality.
   (B)   In addition to or in lieu of licensing persons, firms, or corporations to collect and haul garbage, pursuant to § 111.20, upon the adoption by the Board of Commissioners of a resolution in proper form, the Board of Commissioners may enter into a contract for the collecting and hauling of garbage.
   (C)   Whether any such contract is exclusive, the terms of such contract, and whether the contract pertains to the collection of garbage from residential dwellings, commercial locations, or a combination of both shall be determined by resolution.
(Ord. 5.01 I, passed 1-15-2015)