(A)   Filing a nuisance complaint.
      (1)   Unless otherwise stated in this subchapter, in the event any city representative receives a complaint, either orally or in writing, he or she shall forward the complaint to the Code Enforcement Officer for investigation.
      (2)   As part of the investigation, the Code Enforcement Coordinator shall obtain the following information in writing:
         (a)   Name, address, and phone number of the person making said complaint;
         (b)   Address of the property for which the complaint is being filed; and
         (c)   Nature of the complaint.
      (3)   After obtaining the necessary information from the complainant, the Code Enforcement Coordinator will request assistance from the Code Enforcement Officer or request an investigation by a more appropriate city employee and/or agent as is necessary based upon the nature of the complaint.
   (B)   Courtesy letter; notice of violation. Unless otherwise stated in this subchapter, in the event the Code Enforcement Coordinator, Code Enforcement Officer, and/or agent finds that any violation exists, the Code Enforcement Coordinator shall send a courtesy letter/notice of violation to the property owner. The letter shall state the following:
      (1)   Name and address of the property owner;
      (2)   Address and legal description of the property in violation;
      (3)   Nature of the violation;
      (4)   Title, chapter, and section violated;
      (5)   Demand that the property owner become compliant; and
      (6)   The date upon which the representative will inspect the property for compliance.
   (C)   Notice to complainant and right to review. In the event the Code Enforcement Coordinator or Code Enforcement Officer and/or agent concludes that a violation does not exist, the Code Enforcement Coordinator shall send a letter to the complainant within 15 days of advising her or him of said determination.
   (D)   Abatement or filing of review required within 15 days. Any person who has received written notification of an existing violation shall either abate said nuisance or file a written notice of review with the Code Enforcement Coordinator within 15 days of receipt of the courtesy letter/notice of violation. A complaint of a second or subsequent violation subject to this subchapter at the same property shall reduce the notice period established herein to seven days. Thereafter, the administrative citation may immediately be issued by the Code Enforcement Officer.
   (E)   Immediate abatement required in certain cases. Ordinance violations involving subjects such as, but not limited to, bonfires, campfires, dead animals, undressed hides, fireworks, depositing filth, spoiled foods, or similar items which are determined by the Code Enforcement Officer to be an immediate threat to public health and safety shall be abated immediately, unless it is otherwise dictated by the Mayor.
   (F)   Issuance of summons and complaint for violation. If the landowner fails to abate the nuisance or request a review from the Public Works Commissioner within the given time, the city may issue a complaint and summons to the landowner ordering the landowner to appear in court to answer said violation. Each violation may be considered a Class II misdemeanor for each day of violation until the nuisance is abated.
(Ord. 36A, passed 4-3-2014)